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Cyrus Kellick

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Metaphysical Bridges (2019-2020)


This project was an attempt to delve into alter egos and my own personal ancestry to try to create a bridge between me and one of my ancestors, Rhodri Mawr a king who ruled Gwynedd and much of wales in the 8th century. To achieve this, I have undertaken the challenge of designing and constructing my own interpretation of a sword fit for a Welsh king from precious metals and gemstones. I planned on displaying the sword as a centre piece in an exhibit and play with the arrangement of the objects against prints emulating the look of a museum with the sword displayed centrally in a glass case in a play on archival/ historical displays of artefacts. To accompany the sword in this exhibit to create an atmosphere and facilitate the bridge between past and present I created 8 lino cut prints created from photographic material I gathered of medieval wall paintings depicting the seven deadly sins on the walls of St Cadoc’s Church in Llancarfan, which was built on the site of a 7th century monastery which would have stood during the reign of Rhodri Mawr.

Kings Sword


Tapsetry Format Lino Cut Adaptations of 12th Century Medieval Wall Murals

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