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Exhibiting Artists


Mixed Media, Installation Art and Photography

Works Exhibited

  • ACTG (2020)

  • Museo De Dalia (2019)

Video, Photography, Digital Graphics and Computer-generated Imagery

Works Exhibited

  • The Landing (2020)

  • The Dream Diary Vignettes - Refined Edition (2019-2020)


Sculpture and Mixed Media

Works Exhibited

  • Hands Full (2020)

  • CARE (2020)


Sculpture, Drawing, Assemblage and Photography

Works Exhibited

  • Cyffwrdd/Touch (2020)

  • Make A Mark Leave A Trace (2019-2020)

Sculpture, Collage and Mixed Media

Works Exhibited

  • Becoming (2020)

  • Fragmented Memory (2019-2020)


Acrylic and Oil

Works Exhibited

  • Identity (Collection, 2019-2020)


Metalwork, Woodwork, Leatherwork and Lino Cut Print

Works Exhibited

  • Metaphysical Bridges (Collection, 2019-2020)



Works Exhibited

  • So Why Don't We Go, Somewhere Only We Know (2020)

  • Lives In A Dream Waits By The Window Wearing A Face That She Keeps In A Jar By The Door   (2020)

  • Selected Other Works (2019-2020)


Watercolour, Oil and Photography

Works Exhibited

  • Sunset Through Binoculars (2020)

  • Winter (2020)

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